Zaida is a sculptural table handcrafted alabaster

The essence of Zaida

The piece combines its organic shape and alabaster which emphasise the simplicity, luminosity and subtlety of it.

This natural and translucent stone,
exclusive and sustainable, makes Zaida a unique, timeless and limited production piece.

Designed for special spaces

It’s interaction with the environment light; a symbiosis that makes each space unique, while sparking different sensations and emotions.


Smoothly carved in handcrafted alabaster which gives each piece a non-transferable personality.


A sculptural table enhanced by the natural interaction with environment light.

About us

We are Sonia and Isabel, product and space designers and creatives. United by the same concerns and intentions, our challenge is to achieve the perfect fusion between each space and its content.


Our purpose: to provoke new sensations to generate unique experiences through textures, light and the time exposure.

Contact us if you want more details about Zaida